Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mystery Skype

       During the Mystery Skype I learnt that their education system is very good. They are given opportunities that most high school students off reserves are given. As well the living conditions on this particular reserve are quite well. They feel like they belong and avoid being judged. They like the laws better on the reserves.  They participate in the same sports and activities that we do except bingo is very popular for them. 

      They were very friendly and easy to talk to. We shared a lot of the same interests. I was able to get a better perspective of the lives of a teenage First Nations.

      The questions could have been improved and better organized. I think more time spent on this would have made the Mystery Skype more informational. The teachers should not have there Skype names on screen because students can use that information to easily find where they are from.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

ISU Blog Post #1

         The novel I chose for my ISU is Medicine River written by Thomas King. The novel is set in Western Canada on a Native reserve and follows the life of a middle aged man named Will.

        Thomas King, who was born in 1943, is a noted novelist and broadcaster who often writes about North American First Nations. He is an advocate of First Nations causes. He is of Greek and Cherokee descent. King moved to Canada in the 1980's and taught Native Studies at the University of Lethbridge. He also served as faculty of the University of Minnesota American Indian Studies Department.

The novel gives knowledge of the conditions and lifestyle of those on a Native Reserve.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blue Mountain Haole Trail Review

A large improvement to Blue Mountains 2013 bike trails was the full rebuild of Haole, turning it into a features run. All features have been built for people of any skill level can ride it. The trail was re routed and shaped. The builders added many new wooden features including a large drop at the beginning of the trail. It flows into a short jump section. Afterwards you will find a line of new wooden features. A great addition was the wall ride built to help maneuver around a fast sharp corner easier. Next you will find one of the only sections not changed, the red wooden drop. I believe the new top section of Haole was an amazing improvement to the trail. The bottom half was poorly built. It consists of switchbacks across the ski runs. Along the switchbacks they had built dirt jumps. All of the dirt jumps are too large and nearly impossible to clear. To maintain your speed for the jumps you will have to pedal across every switchback. This being the bottom half of the run you are already tired and pedalling this much can become very difficult and even annoying. Finally you will meet up with the “Collector” and follow it to the chairlift. A small downfall is to ride this run you will need to pass a simple features test and get a special pass to ride Haole.

Overall the new Haole is a great improvement to Blue Mountains Downhill Biking trails. For those who love fast and flowing trails its great for you. The wooden features are all very well built and make the trail much better for those who like jumping. My only complaint is the bottom section of switchbacks but if your legs are feeling fresh you should be able to maintain a fast enough speed to clear all jumps. Haole has now become one of the most popular runs due to the successful rebuild. I strongly recommend you ride this run.

2013 video of Haole