Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mystery Skype

       During the Mystery Skype I learnt that their education system is very good. They are given opportunities that most high school students off reserves are given. As well the living conditions on this particular reserve are quite well. They feel like they belong and avoid being judged. They like the laws better on the reserves.  They participate in the same sports and activities that we do except bingo is very popular for them. 

      They were very friendly and easy to talk to. We shared a lot of the same interests. I was able to get a better perspective of the lives of a teenage First Nations.

      The questions could have been improved and better organized. I think more time spent on this would have made the Mystery Skype more informational. The teachers should not have there Skype names on screen because students can use that information to easily find where they are from.


  1. Tristan, I'm glad that you learned some things from the Skype. I agree that the questions should have been better organized.

    I remembered to ensure my location was removed, as did Ms. Balen, but perhaps I need to change my Skype name.

  2. Tristan,

    I laughed at myself when I read that my name helped your class find us. What a newbie mistake to have made! Although, if you recall, one of the rules was to not use Google during the game. :)