Monday, 13 January 2014

Hockley Valley Changed My Life

Hockley Valley ski resort is a local ski hill just outside of Orangeville. The ski hill has taught me many lessons and memories I will never forget. It has shaped the man I am today.

To begin, Hockley Valley was the ski hill that I learnt to ski. During my wild years in grade 4 my parents introduced me to the greatest sport ever. It was exhilarating, my heart was racing as I grabbed that handle tow. My mom, the not so great teacher she let me bomb straight down the hill into the mats. Ever since that rush of adrenaline I knew I would ski for the rest of my life.

In grade 7 I bought a night pass to Hockley Valley. It was the first time I had ever skied by myself. It was crazy, so many possibilities running through my head. I skied nosedive and hit the biggest jump. Hockley Valley that year was were my love for park grew.

Now its the grade 9 glory days. Another season is around the corner and to much surprise the year of 1997 raised a group of phenomenal skiers. It was so much fun, Narnia was like nothing I had skied before. So many shenanigans. Playing chicken on the chair and hitting on the lifties. I went to my first gaper day and had the time of my life. Every night all the guys would meet up and go shred the slopes, that's when the Chronic Crew was created. We would do insane park lines. Hitting rails only the best can do. My first edit was made...

Its grade 10 and to much surprise I was hired at Hockley Valley to be a lifty, the people I harassed so much the years before. This was my first job ever. I couldn't be happier because Hockleys prices were through the roof and I got a pass for free. I quickly realised my days of skiing Narnia and running from ski patrol had come to a end... or so I thought. Another great season had started. Danger Dave was still sending jumps and the rivalry of Ethan and Andj had begun. On a quiet Friday Night man hunt on snow was created. I was always putting my job on the line. Old Vic a fellow lifty almost noticed my real identity as a employee.

I'm now sitting in the library writing this blog in Mrs. Le's grade 11 English class. I'm looking back on so many good times and how grateful I am for my job. I'm still working as a lifty and riding as much as possible. Hockley Valley has made me the man I am today.

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