Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Why people call me TT.

It was wonderful Christmas Day. Santa had brought me the brand new X-Box 360 with Lego Batman. My parents told me I could get X-Box Live so I could game with friends online. I was full of joy and couldn't wait to sign up for live. But when I finally bought it there was a problem, I needed a user name. Thus TTE100 was created. The "TTE" is my initials (Tristan Thomas Evans) and the 100 was a cool number that represents perfection like myself.

Many years had gone by and nobody had ever mentioned my username until a late night gaming MW3. It was Mercey09 (Ben Mercey) and I on a late weeknight. All of a sudden RickRossUgh (Matt Voneuw) joined the party. The first thing he yells into the mic was TT, the first time I had ever been called tt. It was unusual at the time but I had no clue that one day everybody would call me that.

After countless hours of MW3 with Ben and Matt, Ben grew to love the nickname tt. In grade 9 gym class its all he ever called me. The class caught on quick and by the end of the year I barely heard my real name. Throughout the year at the caf table with all the boys more and more people caught on.

By grade 10 I was TT. It was rare if I heard a guy call me Tristan. I didn't mind though. Then the pro nick name creator Ethan Scott came into the picture. I was getting names like Teet, TT Hunneds, Huns, Guns and even West Side Guns. It was wild, everywhere I went I was being called so many names. It had become who I am.

Im in grade 11 now and TTE100 has become part of who I am. Sometimes I forget what my real name is. My parents still struggle to grasp the concept of TT. These days all my friends have a nickname for me. Even girls are catching on. I am Tristan Evans and I am TT.


  1. wow tristan i never knew this story but i always call you tte. do you like this nick name?

  2. Of course I do Rob! For this blog I only posted the most common nicknames I hear because by this point there's to many to share. You can call me whatever you like ;)

  3. great blog, humorous story of the one and only TT

  4. TT this is brilliant work great job RT

  5. I remember the days when TTE was first used to describe you in grade six. We were thinking of good wrestler names for our selves and we thought of TTE for you and CBT for me. At the time we thought it was so cool that our initials rhymed. In hindsight I'm glad your nickname caught on and mine did not.

  6. I feel like my whole life has been a lie. I've been calling you TT since the day I met you and now I finally know the story. Thanks for enlightening me about your life.